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Preview: Arsenal Vs Liverpool

  • Preview: Arsenal Vs Liverpool

Arsenal ensured they were off and running in their Premier League campaign having secured a hard-fought victory at Selhurst Park where Crystal Palace nearly brought an end to quite a few hopes and dreams. Next challenge now comes in the form of Liverpool, who, despite having made all those signings haven't looked convincing enough, but have earned back-to-back victories anyway. Surely, this is one game Arsenal would like to show their potential in. 

Arsenal's 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace was a story of three different phases. The first phase was all about flying forward and scoring with the kind of attack that sends shivers down those ginormic bodies of the defenders. The second phase then saw the Gunners switching off a bit, and letting Crystal Palace off the hook to eventually concede. Finally, the third phase was a story of Alexis and his heroics, which were followed by just hanging on to the lead. Arsène Wenger didn't like it, why would he?

The way the FA Cup Champions attacked should have been brought about more goals, and an even convincing victory than it actually was. Going forward, if the North Londoners are to beat their rivals to the title, Wenger's men have got to make sure that more and more attacks don't go wasted and that they don't let the opponent score against the run of play because what that does is that it keeps them in the game despite being dominated, and then all of a sudden, the whole look of the game changes as it did happen in the previous fixture. 

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Arsenal can't afford to let the same mistakes characterise them time and now, and the fixture against Liverpool has to be a start. The Reds are a fairly different side now compared to the one that got raped the previous time around at The Emirates Stadium, and one can only expect them to come out on the field with more confidence now that they are off to a 100% winning start. 


Francis Coquelin is being seen as a successor to Patrick Vieira, but the Frenchman is failing to impress this season. He has been out of sorts in the two games played so far, and could well have been sent off too had it not been for the referee's kindness. 

One might agree that with Mikel Arteta fully fit now, he should start against Liverpool, more so having seen the way he played in the final few minutes when Palace were all over Arsenal. This is not to suggest that Coquelin isn't good enough, but it's just that the Frenchman just needs to work on his game a bit more, both mentally as well as physically so he can cope with the pressure of being an integral part of a title challenging team,  and he'll be alright. 


Arsenal were simply remarkable at times against Crystal Palace. The passing, the moves, they were all of supreme quality. If that's the case come Monday, the Gunners could ease past Liverpool. 

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