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Preview: Chelsea Vs Arsenal

  • Preview: Chelsea Vs Arsenal

Arsenal will look to get back to business after a shockingly disastrous 2-1 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb as they face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in what could be a thriller. 

Things have never really gone Arsenal's way in Champions League, and Wednesday night at Zagreb was another example of that. In Europe, you've got to convert your domination on the ball into something meaningful, or you'll suffer. The same happened with Arsenal as they failed to find the net, and Dinamo Zagreb were always making them chase the game thereafter.

To make sure something similar doesn't happen again, this time in the Premier League and at Stamford Bridge, the UCL agony must be put behind, and a fresh start is what is important to ensure there's no falling too much behind Manchester City.

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Heading to Stamford Bridge, Wenger's side, and the Frenchman himself would know just how tough it can be to come away unscathed from Stamford Bridge - a ground where Arsenal have conceded 8 goals and scored none in their last two fixtures here (6-0 in 2013/14; 2-0 in 2014/15). 

Chelsea have been utterly poor so far this season, their only win being a narrow one over West Bromwich Albion (Chelsea 3 - 2 West Bromwich Albion) and the rest being nightmares. Furthermore, their defence has struggled, the mid-field has raised more questions than coming up with answers, and the attack has fired blanks. 

All of this, when combined, serves up as the perfect inspiration for Arsenal who, despite their own problems, have still looked bright enough (more than enough) to be able to pile more misery onto their title rivals and kick them straight into the relegation zone and possibly out of the title race. 

The focus has got to be on not letting the Blues counter-attack as that's what they're always ob the look for against any side, let alone Arsenal who are known to be exceedingly vulnerable when the opposition breaks. "Attack, but don't forget your defensive responsibilities." - that's that. 



"For me, what is important is that Arsenal win games," Arsene Wenger said. "It can sometimes be a mental block for the players or the team when they do not win against certain teams. On that front it was good [to win the Community Shield].

"What you expect from these kinds of games is [that they are] always high intensity, full commitment and of course you want to prepare for that and play with a full focus.

"For us it’s a big game. Let’s not forget it’s the start of the season and only five games have been played. We know our position at the end of the season will depend on how well we do in the big games.

"I do not think too much about where Chelsea stand in the league at the moment. I focus more on us performing well, with full power."

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