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Preview: Arsenal Vs Olympiacos - UEFA Champions League Group Stage

  • Preview: Arsenal Vs Olympiacos - UEFA Champions League Group Stage

When Arsenal's vim, style, and their confidence conglobulate together, only and only a destruction eventuates. Leicester City had to learn it the hard way, being the victims of Arsenal's demolition job at the King Power Stadium where the Gunners' actual power was on display. Led by Alexis Sanchez, and backed up by Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla, Arsene Wenger's side had life back in it, and whatever happened henceforth was another proof of what these men are actually capable of. 

Away victories against Tottenham Hotspurs and Leicester City have now brought back on track, a campaign that had been harshly derailed by Chelsea (and Mike Dean). It looks as if Arsenal have got their confidence back, and they finally could get going. 

Having already lost to Dinamo Zagreb (2-1), it becomes hugely important for the North Londoners to avoid any further slip-ups. Olympiacos are no different than Zagreb, again pointing towards how easy it should be in an ideal world for the reigning FA Cup Champions to earn their first Champions League victory this season. 

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It sounds a bit repetitive, not to mention overly obvious, but Arsenal do need to be careful while attacking. Every other kid knows how vulnerable they are to counter-attacks as Dinamo Zagreb and Leicester City showed. It's okay to miss chances, but to let the frustration of it reflect on your defending is ridiculous. 

Olympiacos do know when and where to hit Arsenal, just as any team about to face the latter does. But, the game being at home, Arsenal must go full monty, and start the game confidently, as they did against Leicester City, and the Greek side won't even have a sniff of the ball, let alone a win. 



"That's the problem - when you go to Leicester and see who sits on the bench, that has changed in England," the manager said. "It makes every game very difficult and demands a lot of mental concentration to get it right as well.

"We want to do well in the Champions League and when you're a big club you have to face that and deal with it.

"I don't know if other teams look at [English clubs] with more or less fear. I believe that the Premier League is very, very tough. Is that an influence or not? I don't know but it’s a bit early to come to any conclusions.

"We have to wait a little bit longer. A second year without [English clubs] being successful and you could come to a conclusion of, 'Yes, there’s something we have to analyse deeply', but I don’t believe so at the moment.

"You cannot say [English clubs] are at that level [of the past] now because in the last two years Barcelona and Real Madrid have won the Champions League. We have to say they were the better teams. Are we far away? I don’t think so but we have to show that with our performance."

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