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Preview: Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Group Stage

  • Preview: Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Group Stage

Arsenal may not be in the catbird seat, neither in the Champions League, nor in their upcoming fixture against Bayern Munich, but they surely are on course to be in that position, that's the kind of form they have shown in the past month or so (with the odd shaky performances). Even if momentarily, everything is going very smoothly at The Emirates Stadium. There are no injuries to worry about, every player is performing at a higher level than expected, and add to that, the confidence level is burgeoning. 

It is quite evident from the roll Arsenal are on that they aren't afraid of the challenge that a team even as heavyweight as Bayern Munich are very likely to pose. Again, instead of panicking, they are looking forward to the upcoming Champions League spectacle, and eager to put up a solid, match-winning performance which is the biggest difference between an Arsenal team of about three years ago, and an Arsenal team now. 

Arsene Wenger couldn't have indeed hoped for such a crucial fixture to come at a better time. On the contrary, Bayern Munich won't really like a visit to the Emirates Stadium when the home side has discovered its inner demons, and is smelling blood (not that the German Champions are afraid by extent of imagination).

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Doing it the Arsenal Way

Arsenal must not come out with a plan to defend, that's not what they do. To beat Bayern Munich, Arsenal simply have to be Arsenal - which would mean coming out to fight, comporting like warriors, and showing Pep Guardiola's men who's the boss at The Emirates Stadium. This is called playing to your strength - something that Wenger's men haven't quite excelled at yet, mainly because of the fear of losing while trying to play their natural game.

Can anyone ever think of Real Madrid playing with a plan to sit back and defend deep? Can anyone think of FC Barcelona changing their own game or will Bayern play differently? No, they never would - that's one of the characteristics of great sides. You don't win matches opposing your own established principles. Rather, it's when you stay true to them that you are able to triumph against big teams. Of course, the odd adjustment has to be made, but a complete change in style isn't needed. Wenger may have ordered his troops to attack, but will they or will they not depends on the players themselves. 

If they play it the Arsenal way, Bayern Munich may well depart with their heads down - very simple. Remember, a victory here could have as big an impact as "that" Ryan Giggs goal in the FA Cup semi-final had. 



"[There was] the one that won the treble with Ribery at full power, Robben at full power and Kroos, Schweinsteiger and Muller in midfield so I believe we have played good Bayern sides and got good results against them.

"We have the needed belief and confidence that we are doing something right so that helps.

"We maybe could be a little suspected of not taking the first two games seriously enough but this time that is not the threat.

"Let's take the positives of our Premier League [form] and as well get the right focus that you get when you play a big opponent.

"We have some ground to make up in Europe as we have not been at our requested level in our first two games.

"Our focus has been much stronger in the Premier League than it has been in Europe and we know in this game the focus needs to be exactly the same than in the in Premier League."

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