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2018 FIFA World Cup: Preliminary Draw

  • 2018 FIFA World Cup: Preliminary Draw

The much anticipated World Cup Qualification draws were finally announced today and while there were a lot of as-delicious-as-a-sorosis groups, there also were some relatively easy ones - very-very easy ones - ask Wales and England, who got their dream groups (avoid asking any questions to Italy, France, Netherlands, or Spain), hence making the road to Russia a far more easy one for them at least.

Here's all there is to know about the draws then, happy with your team's group?

Group A: Netherlands,   France, Sweden,   Bulgaria, Belarus, Luxembourg

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Group B: Portugal, Switzerland,   Hungary, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Andorra

Group C: Germany, Czech Republic,  NORTHERN IRELAND,  Norway, Azerbaijan, San Marino

Group D: WALES,  Austria,   Serbia, Republic of Ireland, Moldova, Georgia, 

Group E: Romania,   Denmark, Poland,   Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan

Group F: ENGLAND,  Slovakia,  SCOTLAND,  Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia

Group G: Spain, Italy,   Albania, Israel, Macedonia, Liechtenstein

Group H: Belgium,   Bosnia-Hercegovina, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus

Group I: Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland.

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